Send in the yeasts!

Send in the yeasts and let them do their job.

Few even bother to make their own alcohol, especially for gins we are virtually unique in Belgium. It is certainly not obvious: it requires a lot of time, energy and manpower. Especially because we get our alcohol from so many raw materials. Wheat or corn require a completely different preparation than apples or potatoes. But they all have sugars or starch, which is a chain of many sugars together. Once we can convert that into (fermentable) sugars by heating, we first let the wild yeasts run their course, just like our most famous beer in the region, Lambic. After a few days we also add culture yeasts to obtain our unique flavours. In this step we first make a ‘beer’ or cider of 5 to 8% alcohol. Due to the whims of nature fermentation is the most delicate step of the whole process. Perhaps that is why many prefer to skip this step. We also do not adjust any fermentation by heating or cooling, so each batch is unique.

The magic of the vapors