When we think of Belgium, we think of our fantastic beers. If whiskey is distilled from an ‘undrinkable’ type of beer, imagine what we can get when we start with a top raw material like a Belgian Blonde Triple. Because the higher the quality of the basic product, the better the distillate, it is that logical. Blond is therefore the result of a double distillation of strong Belgian Blond beer into a soft full spirit. We place these on first-fill bourbon barrels, the surprising link between beer and whisky. Discover for yourself the softness, fullness, the taste of the beer and the aftertaste of the bourbon.

Blond is not the only beer we distil, expect Dark, Black and… Wild soon. Belgian Beer Brandy may be a new segment, but at the same time one of the oldest distillates in the world.

Taste it neat like a whiskey or in a cocktail to enjoy it to the fullest.

Our bottle is 100% made from recycled bottles in Europe. It is the first time that they have succeeded in producing a bottle to which no new glass was added. This has created beautiful imperfections, just like with our distillates, where nature plays the most important role in our entire process. 

Sustainable, organic, family-oriented and driven by passion, that’s why we use our Holstein boilers every day.