Passion, patience and warmly recommended

We are a real warm distillery , perhaps the only one in the Pajottenland, the Senne Valley and far beyond. This means that we still have a real still and that we make our own alcohol from agricultural raw materials.
Our boilers are 600 and 5000 liters, Arnold Holsteins, to produce a product that is as pure and soft as possible without the loss of taste. Certainly, the best stills in the world.

We don’t do this for the profit. Making your own alcohol is much more expensive and requires a lot more time, knowledge, installation and above all: passion. Much more can also go wrong: bad fermentation, too cold, too warm, the time of year… Several elements that can go wrong, but if it goes well, each batch is also a bit unique.

Patience and passion

This distillation is done extremely slowly, approximately 8 hours for a batch. We do this to give the alcohol the chance to absorb the aromas and to leave out the sharp sides. This process takes time and patience, but our passion for the final product makes it more than worth it. We also could have chosen for industrial alcohol with some aromas but then we would be a product of which there are already masses on the store shelves. Our flavors are unique, fuller and softer. Taste and judge for yourself, both pure and in the mix.