Our ‘Oude Pajotse Jenever’ is 100% malt wine. This means that we do not use neutral grain alcohol and dilute it with 10-15% malt wine, but that we distill it completely from the raw materials. We went back to the authentic recipe of 1/3 rye, 1/3 barley and 1/3 malted barley, which we still grind on an old stone mill. By combining this with 7 balanced and local herbs, including iris root and St. John’s wort, we obtain a rich and full-bodied gin that links back to how it all started.

After distillation, we let the jenever mature in oak barrels. This is often a new barrel, but sometimes we also use old bourbon barrels for this. This barrel aging gives this spirit its beautiful golden yellow color.

Our jenever is perfect as a drink, but also the basis for surprising and delicious cocktails.

Taste it neat or with a ginger ale and finish with a slice of lemon or orange.

Our bottle is 100% made from recycled bottles in Europe. It is the first time that they have succeeded in producing a bottle to which no new glass was added. This has created beautiful imperfections, just like with our distillates, where nature plays the most important role in our entire process. 

Sustainable, organic, family-oriented and driven by passion, that’s why we use our Holstein boilers every day.