We create this unique organic pastis in a real copper still, which experts have placed under the name Grand Cru. The pastis is the result of our search for the perfect balance between maceration and distillation of herbs. Anise and fennel seeds, coriander, cinnamon, liquorice, star anise, cardamon, black pepper… much more than just anise. The jury of the World Trophy 2021 rewarded us with a gold medal.

As a certified organic and artisanal distillery, we do not use ‘natural’ aromas, this pastis is the result of the real distillation of real organic herbs. We don’t use anethole, the aniseed oil that often gives a sour taste to pastis. We therefore distill our star anise, cardamom and black pepper to obtain a powerful but soft pastis. By not using anethole, it does not turn ‘milky’ when you add water to it. Proof that we don’t use anethole because an oil dissolves in alcohol but not in water.

Taste it neat or with ice cold water and enjoy the complexity of the refined herbs and the beautiful aromas. But beware, our pastis does consist of 48% alcohol.

De Cortales: Clear Pastis

We made some short films last summer about our spirits, what you can do with them in a cocktail and also the story behind it… we call it ‘The Cortales’.

Our bottle is 100% made from recycled bottles in Europe. It is the first time that they have succeeded in producing a bottle to which no new glass was added. This has created beautiful imperfections, just like with our distillates, where nature plays the most important role in our entire process. 

Sustainable, organic, family-oriented and driven by passion, that’s why we use our Holstein boilers every day.