The magic of the vapors

Copper, not cheaper.

Distilling can be done in many ways, but we chose the Holstein pot-column-still combination. By far the best of both worlds, completely in copper to get that smooth alcohol and eliminate off-flavors. We can count on 2 steam-heated boilers. Our ‘small’ Holstein boiler has a capacity of 600L, an aroma helmet for the beer brandy or whiskey, herbal basket (vapour infusion) for the gin, a column with 9 plates for our eau-de-vie’s and a rectifying column with 19 plates that allow us to distill our pure and smooth vodkas. A multifunctional boiler with which we give extra strength to our pursuit of perfection. In addition, we have a large 5000L boiler with whiskey helmet and column for the larger batches of whisky, beer, brandy and the first firing for the vodkas or the gins. We could have opted for (much) cheaper Chinese boilers, but this German company has been at the top in terms of quality for decades, top quality has its price. Top quality also makes us happy. And you can taste that, every drop.

Fresh or dry, but always real