Onze Unplugged is een distillatie van dertien bio kruiden: jeneverbes, ijzerkruid, citroengras, cassia, pepermunt, kardemom,
Our Unplugged is a distillation of thirteen organic herbs: juniper, verbena, lemongrass, cassia, peppermint, cardamom, orange, eucalyptus, … We make an extremely strong tea for this, which we then completely distill, so without adding any flavorings later.

Without alcohol • Without added flavors or extracts • Without sugar
Without preservatives or food acids and naturally allergen-free

De distillatie van deze alcoholvrije spirit is gebaseerd op recepten en technieken uit ‘The Art of Distillation’, een boek uit 1651 waar veel The distillation of this alcohol-free spirit is based on recipes and techniques from ‘The Art of Distillation’, a book from 1651 in which many water distillations are described. Because flavors of herbs bind much harder to water than to alcohol. That is why we use up to 15 times more herbs for our Unplugged than for its brother, our organic gin. The herbs are also distilled trough vapor infusion to moderate the heat during the distillation and this allows the aromas to come through to the fullest. A process of a lot of patience, little yield but a lot of passion.

Enjoy Unplugged in the mix with a tonic, soda or mocktail.

For Ring TV we made some short films last summer about our spirits, what you can do with them in a cocktail and also the story behind it… we call it ‘The Cortales’. Below you will discover the ‘Bugs Bunny’. Thanks to Andy De Brouwer for the great recipe.

Our bottle is 100% made from recycled bottles in Europe. It is the first time that they have succeeded in producing a bottle to which no new glass was added. This has created beautiful imperfections, just like with our distillates, where nature plays the most important role in our entire process. 

Sustainable, organic, family-oriented and driven by passion, that’s why we use our Holstein boilers every day.