Our apple brandy is the result of an intense collaboration with top sommelier Andy De Brouwer. We first ferment our Jonagold apples from local orchards through spontaneous fermentation into a delicious cider. It is then distilled twice to a white spirit where the link with the apples takes all the attention. After distillation, this spirit matures in old cognac barrels. Every step contributes to this unique, full and rich Jonagold brandy.

We need about 7 kg of apples to produce one bottle, which means that this spirit is also limited in quantity. This batch is also single cask, so only from a single available cask with a total of 546 bottles to enjoy. So (unfortunately) while supplies last.

Our bottle is 100% made from recycled bottles in Europe. It is the first time that they have succeeded in producing a bottle to which no new glass was added. This has created beautiful imperfections, just like with our distillates, where nature plays the most important role in our entire process. 

Sustainable, organic, family-oriented and driven by passion, that’s why we use our Holstein boilers every day.