Short tour and philosophy

From field to bottle.

Distilling good spirits requires more than a good still. We try to determine, control and direct every step of our entire process. On and around our farm and together with other local farmers, we grow the crops we wish to use for our gins, jenevers, vodka or whiskey. This way we not only ensure a short chain and fair prices for the farmers, but also ensure control over the raw materials.

Our farm distillery in the beautiful Pajottenland. Between our orchards and fields.

Doing it yourself gives self-satisfaction

It’s not because you do it yourself that it’s better, but the satisfaction it gives you when you succeed is priceless. That is also why we are always looking for solutions to improve our process: in taste, yield, energy… Solutions that should never stand in the way of craftsmanship. We are not an industry, we are people with a passion for distillates and a love for everything that grows and flourishes around us.

We would like to take you on a ‘magical’ journey on the following pages.

The garden of Brussels has so much to offer.